113th Congress by the Numbers

Party ratios:

House: 233 R, 201 D, 1 V (special election in MO June 4)

Senate: 53 D, 45 R, 2 I (effectively 55 D, 45 R; +2 D)

Incumbents reelected:

House: 90%

Senate: 95%

New Committee Chairs:

House: 9 out of 21 (Republicans follow a 6-yr term limit, Democrats don’t)

Senate: 7 out of 20

Like the 112th, another huge class of freshmen:

House: 84 (49 D, 35 R) – last Congress was 96.

Senate: 13 (9 D, 4 R)

Not their first rodeo:

9 members of the 113th have served before, including Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) who left in   1999, and Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) who left in 1981.

Professional background:

House: mostly public service, business, and law.  Freshman class includes a magician, a       guitarist in a punk rock band, and a reindeer rancher/Santa Claus impersonator.

Senate:  Mostly lawyers, 51% served in the House.

Record number of women in both chambers:

House: 82

Senate: 20

Most minorities represented:

House: 19% (44 African American, 29 Hispanic, 9 Asian, 2 Indian/Pacific Islander)

Minorities and women comprise a majority of the Democratic caucus

Senate: 6% (3 Hispanic, 2 African Americans, 1 Asian)

Average age:

House: 57 (Ralph Hall, R-TX, is oldest at 89, Patrick Murphy, D-FL. is youngest at 29)

Senate: 62

Years of service in office:

House: > 40% of the House was first elected in 2010 or 2012

Senate:  About half the Senate was first elected in 2008, 2010, or 2012.

Congress is less popular than:

Root canals, NFL replacement refs, Nickelback, DC pundits, and colonoscopies,

But still more popular than:

Lindsay Lohan, North Korea, Ebola virus, and the Kardashians.