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March 2021

March 2: A Disaster of Misunderstanding: Constituent Service is at the Core of Governance by Kristin Nicholson, GAI Director

February 2021

February 2: Three Dynamics to Watch in the 117th Congress by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

January 2021

January 12: Politics by Other Means by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

December 2020

December 3: The 116th and 117th Congresses: It’s Bad but Probably Not as Bad as You Think by Josh Huder, Senior Fellow

November 2020

November 2: Elections Matter by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

October 2020

October 7: Supreme Court Appointments: Reform or Revenge by Susan Lagon, Non-Resident Senior Fellow

September 2020

September 8: Social Movements and Policy Change by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

July 2020

July 1: Hearings Oversight in a Time of COVID by Katina Slavkova, Fellow

June 2020

June 5: You’ve got Mail: Voting in a Pandemic by Susan Lagon, Non-Resident Senior Fellow

May 2020

May 6: Lessons of Economic Recessions by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

April 2020

April 1: Congress in Crisis is Congress at Work by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

March 2020

March 10: The Appropriations Process from the Perspective of a Congressional Staffer by Mark Harkins, Senior Fellow

February 2020

February 4: Polarization vs Partisanship in the Context of the Impeachment Debate by Josh Huder, Senior Fellow

January 2020

January 9: The Long Shadow of 2010 by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

December 2019

December 5: National Security Oversight: Still a Man’s World by Katina Slavkova, Fellow

November 2019

November 4: Appropriations Update by Mark Harkins, Senior Fellow

October 2019

October 3: What Comes Next in the Impeachment Inquiry by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

September 2019

September 11:  Back in Session by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

July 2019

July 2: Supreme Avoidance by Susan Lagon, Non-Resident Senior Fellow

June 2019

June 5: Lessons in Impeachment by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

May 2019

May 6: Limitation Provisions in Appropriations Bills: A Key Tool of Congressional Policymaking by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

April 2019

April 1: The Origins of the House’s Special Rules and What It Means for the Senate Rules Change by Josh Huder, Senior Fellow

March 2019

March 8: Congressional Oversight in the 116th by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

February 2019

February 5: Four Things to Consider About a Possible Second Government Shutdown by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

January 2019

January 9: In Search of Good Intelligence Oversight by Katina Slavkova, Fellow

December 2018

December 6: The Aftermath by Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow

November 2018

November 1: November is a Time of Change (To Your Budgets) by Josh Huder, Senior Fellow

October 2018

October 1: Five Cheers for the FY19 Appropriations Process by Matt Glassman, Senior Fellow

September 2018

September 5: Kavanaugh’s Inevitable Confirmation by GAI Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Susan Lagon

July 2018

July 11: Budget Dysfunction: Potential Reforms by Senior Fellow, Laura Blessing

May 2018

May 3: Budget Reform: Diagnosing the Problem by Senior Fellow, Laura Blessing

April 2018

April 4: National Security Confirmations: Beyond the Water’s Edge by GAI Fellow Katina Slavkova

March 2018

March 5: Congress in 2018: What’s Left? by GAI Senior Fellow Josh Huder

January 2018

January 9: GAI Senior Fellow Matt Glassman on the outlook for the FY18 appropriations process

December 2017

December 21: Laura Blessing on the just passed tax reform legislation and Katina Slavkova on the challenges of House intelligence oversight

November 2017

November 6: GAI Director Kristin Nicholson on Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill

October 2017

October 4: Why Tax Reform is Hard

September 2017

September 6: Welcome Back

July 2017

July 24: Secrecy in Lawmaking

May 2017

May 9: The Omnibus is here

March 2017

March 29: Democrats’ Dilemma Over the Federal Judiciary

February 2017

February 27: Welcome Letter from New GAI Director

January 2017

January 12: On Congress: A Few Farewell Thoughts by the GAI Director

December 2016

December 19: Looking Towards 2017: Tax Policy

December 12: Reconciliation in 2017

December 1: Looking Towards 2017: National Security in Focus

July 2016

July 14: Our Kind of War: Congress and the AUMF

April 2016

April 14: Is Paul Ryan Delivering on Regular Order?

March 2016

March 18: March Madness and the Congressional Budget Process

February 2016

February 24: SCOTUS Confirmation Politics: What Would Nino Say?

February 8: Whither Tax Reform? Chasing the Great White Whale

January 2016

January 20: Passing a Budget Resolution: It Ain’t Easy

January 7: What Does Congress Have on Tap in 2016?

November 2015

November 2: It’s Not Over

September 2015

September 28: The Road Ahead

July 2015

July 27: Continuing Resolution or Shutdown: What is the Likeliest Scenario for the Next Fiscal Year

March 2015

March 31: An Early Look at Prospects for the FY16 Budget

January 2015

January 28: Uncertainties Ahead for Federal Spending

January 9:  It’s Not All Gridlock

October 2014

October 30: Who Will Lead the Senate

October 9: Congress Out of Session Does Not Mean It Isn’t Working

September 2014

September 5: Odds Are Against Another Government Shutdown

July 2014

July 9: Odds of Passing the Appropriations Bills Longer Than Those of the

US Winning the World Cup

June 2014

June 9: Fight Club: Who is in Charge Here?

April 2014

April 24: Gunning for a Fight?

March 2014

March 6: Is the Obama Budget DOA?

February 2014

February 12: Moderates to the Rescue on Debt Ceiling

January 2014

January 13: What Constitutes a Senate Recess?
January 7: The Good News Is That Congress Just Agreed…

December 2013

December 20Rules Changes Through Precedent

November 2013

November 22The Senate Goes Nuclear: Is the Filibuster Endangered?

August 2013

August 26Odds of an October Shutdown Down to 10 Percent

June 2013

June 27: Defense Cuts are on the Way, Part 1: $100 billion, $300 billion, or $500 billion?
June 10: The Outlook for Discretionary Spending
June 4: Summer Update & Nuclear Showdown