Tailored Courses

The Government Affairs Institute currently conducts Tailored Courses for more than forty federal departments and agencies. They are arranged by the agency for a group of their employees, and focus on the legislative issues and congressional committees and subcommittees with jurisdiction over the agency’s programs.

These courses are customized to the needs and interests of an individual department, agency, bureau, or office, and can be scheduled at almost any time during the year.

In addition to providing a comprehensive look at congressional processes and organization, a tailored course takes a more in-depth look at how Congress affects the daily operations of the specific agency or organization. Sessions are scheduled with the appropriate staffers and Members of Congress (whenever possible) to discuss the legislative issues and committees and subcommittees that are relevant to that organization. In most cases, we also arrange for the agency’s congressional affairs staff to meet with the group.

Most Tailored Courses are conducted as four- or five-day Congressional Briefings or Capitol Hill Workshops, and are customized versions of the Congressional Operations Seminar or the Seminar for Executives on Legislative Operations.

A member of the Institute’s faculty oversees the planning, design, and direction of each course. In addition to Members of Congress and congressional staff who have specific involvement in the department’s or agency’s programs, speakers include the Institute’s own faculty, selected academics, members of the media, and representatives of interest groups. In most cases, time is provided for participants to observe congressional hearings and floor action.

Group size typically ranges from 25 to 50 for Tailored Courses conducted on Capitol Hill, although smaller or larger groups can be accommodated in some circumstances. Tailored Courses can be designed as standalone courses or offered as a component of an agency’s management or executive development program.

Any of our Advanced Courses, Short Courses, or Workshops can also be tailored to fit an agency’s needs and can be conducted either on Capitol Hill or on site.