Course Participants

Main Homepage PhotoAt the Government Affairs Institute, we know Congress, and we’re here to share our leading expertise with you. Our programs have been developed to meet the needs of our participants for over 45 years.

We work with individuals and agencies from across the public and private sectors to provide quality education and training. We are grateful to the thousands of individuals who attend our courses each year and who believe in the importance of understanding the relationship between Congress and the executive branch.

Who Are Our Course Participants?

Some of our common participants include:

  • Federal government employees, and groups from individual departments and agencies who are looking to improve how they interact and communicate with Congress.
  • Private sector officials who want to work more effectively with Congress.
  • Individuals involved in any aspect of the legislative process.
  • Senior Executives and fellowship participants requiring specific training for career development.
  • Working professionals advancing their understanding of Congress in our certificate program.

Where to Get Started?

The Congressional Operations Seminar is the first course that most participants take with the Government Affairs Institute. This four-day core course provides a comprehensive look at how Congress affects the daily operations of departments and agencies in the executive branch. (Course Description)

Participants then work their way through our curriculum into advanced courses and workshops that target their specific professional needs.

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program in Legislative Studies brings our curriculum together into one field of study for professionals who are currently working or planning to work in an executive branch department or agency, a congressional staff position, an interest group, a law firm, or a news organization; or others whose business or organization is affected by federal legislative or regulatory activities. (Certificate Program)

Fellowship Program

Our Capitol Hill Fellowship Program provides federal employees with an unparalleled opportunity to serve full-time in assignments with Congress, gaining hands-on understanding of how the legislative branch of government really works and how congressional decisions that affect federal agency programs are made. (Capitol Hill Fellowship)

Regardless of which course, program, or field of study you are pursuing with the Government Affairs Institute, we have resources to help you to make the most of your experience.

Educational Resources

GAI sends out course-specific materials in the week leading up to each course, but our general reference materials are a perfect starting place for catching-up on current events, browsing our related resources, and getting in the right mindset for learning about Congress. (Educational Resources)


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about your course, our Frequently Asked Questions section covers the common inquiries we’ve received from past participants. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and will get back to you with our best answer. (Course FAQs)