Federal Personnel

gusealExecutives and managers throughout the executive branch are increasingly aware of the critical role that Congress plays in the daily operations of their organizations. To be most effective in this environment, federal employees need to better understand the various ways that Congress affects their programs.

Where to Get Started?

The Congressional Operations Seminar is the first course that most participants take with the Government Affairs Institute. This four-day core course provides a comprehensive look at how Congress affects the daily operations of departments and agencies in the executive branch. (Course Description).

Participants then work their way through our curriculum into advanced courses and workshops that target their specific professional needs.

Senior Executive Service

The Seminar for Executives on Legislative Operations is designed to make federal managers more Congress savvy. This course is designed for members of the SES who would benefit from more detailed knowledge of the legislative process and are more likely to interact directly with Congress. (Seminar for Executives on Legislative Operations)

Presidential Management Fellows

This course presents an overview of congressional operations and provides Presidential Management Fellows with a better understanding of how the legislative branch functions-essential knowledge for any federal official who aspires to a leadership position in his or her agency. (Congressional Briefing for Presidential Management Fellows)

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