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The Government Affairs Institute is an authority on Congress. All Senior Fellows are experienced observers of Congress who come from backgrounds in political science, public administration, history, economics, among others, and have taught extensively at the university level.

GAI works with the media as an extension of the Institute’s mission to educate about Congress. Senior Fellows work with media regarding Congress and the federal government, specifically related to their areas of expertise.

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Democrats in disarray? The surprisingly normal politics of infrastructure negotiations

Matt Glassman | September 8, 2021

On August 24th, the House adopted S.Con.Res.14, the congressional budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2022 previously adopted by the Senate on August 11th, setting up consideration of a $3.5T package of spending under the reconciliation process. The budget resolution was adopted 220-212 in the House and 50-49 in the Senate, with every Democrat

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Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | September 8, 2021

Dear Friends, I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer. As usual, September arrives on Capitol Hill with a packed and frantic legislative calendar. The difference this year is that the activity will be even more intense than normal. Consider the congressional to-do list this month: passing government funding by September 30, lifting

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Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | July 7, 2021

Dear Friends, I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th holiday. This week finds relative quiet on the Hill, with both chambers of Congress on a district break. But don’t be fooled: there is an intense whirlwind of activity brewing. The center of the action right now is in committees, where legislative language is being

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The Importance of the Congressional Calendar

Katina Slavkova | July 7, 2021

Halfway through its first session, the 117th Congress finds itself in familiar territory, one that past Congresses know all too well. The crush of ambitious and unfinished legislative business is threatening to overwhelm Capitol Hill’s notoriously tricky and fickle schedule. Call it the tyranny of the congressional calendar. Here we’ll consider

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