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The Government Affairs Institute is an authority on Congress. All Senior Fellows are experienced observers of Congress who come from backgrounds in political science, public administration, history, economics, among others, and have taught extensively at the university level.

GAI works with the media as an extension of the Institute’s mission to educate about Congress. Senior Fellows work with media regarding Congress and the federal government, specifically related to their areas of expertise.

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Hearings Oversight in a Time of Covid

Katina Slavkova | July 1, 2020

At the end of season one of the popular HBO comedy series Veep, a panicked staffer from the Vice President’s office hurriedly solicits advice from a lawyer during a fundraising event. The staffer dreads being asked to testify before Congress because of his role in a series of hilariously incompetent crises. He urgently queries the

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Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | July 1, 2020

Dear Friends, If you had told me in March I would still be writing to you from a makeshift office at my dining room table, I’m not sure whether I would have laughed or cried. Yet despite our continued remote operations, the whole GAI team is working hard to pivot to online programming. Last week,

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Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | June 5, 2020

Dear Friends, As summer begins, Congress finds itself – like many Americans – grappling with overlapping crises and historic events. A global pandemic still rages, the U.S. economy has been devastated, and hundreds of communities across America have seen protests and demonstrations in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. House

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You’ve Got Mail: Voting in a Pandemic

Susan Sullivan Lagon | June 3, 2020

The pandemic has disrupted many things, including voting, the practice of democracy itself. As state primaries go by and the country gears up for November, some states are more ready for mail-in voting than others. Meanwhile, false claims have been circulated about mail-in voting having a partisan advantage (it doesn’t) or being

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