Congressional Justifications Workshop

(2 days)

In the current era of tight discretionary budgets across the federal government for nearly all departments and agencies, it is crucial that agency personnel understand how congressional funding decisions are made affecting their programs. The unique component of the course is a workshop that features individualized instruction in which participants receive intensive, hands-on training in writing budget justifications. Participants will look at examples of justifications and, with instruction, write justifications that will be evaluated by experienced professionals in appropriations. They will also learn “how appropriations staff think,” including the various factors that go into funding decisions, the importance of report language, and how to understand key aspects of appropriations bills.

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn how to write effective budget justifications
  • Understand what goes into the decision-making process in the Appropriations Committees
  • Understand the budget context in a time of austerity
  • Learn how to read and interpret appropriations bills and report language

Target Audience:

This course is geared toward professionals in legislative affairs, budget, and program offices who participate in the development of congressional budget justifications. Participants should have a firm grasp of contemporary congressional organization and procedures, especially those pertaining to the budget and appropriations process.

It is strongly recommended that participants first take one of the Government Affairs Institute’s core courses and the Advanced Budget and Appropriations Process course prior to taking this course.

Meets Executive Core Qualifications 4 and 5.

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