Oprah, the legislative presidency, and weak parties

Political scientist Julia Azari joins Josh and Matt on GAI’s latest podcast episode to discuss Oprah as a presidential candidate,Trump as a legislative president, and the strength of American parties.

Spending Bill, Speaker Ryan’s Future, Nominations, and 2018

Matt and Josh discuss the CR in the House, GOP judicial nominations success, Speaker Ryan’s future, and what 2018 holds for Congress.

GAI Podcast Episode 2

GAI | December 15, 2017

Tune in for our second podcast episode where Laura, Josh, and Matt discuss the Alabama election, the tax reform package that is currently winding its way through conference, and the prospects for federal spending beyond December 22 when the current continuing resolution is set to expire.

Podcast: Alabama, Tax Reform, Spending, and CR

Josh, Laura, and Matt discuss the Alabama election and the December agenda in Congress.

Budget Process, Reconciliation, and Trump

Josh, Mark, and Matt welcome listeners to our first episode and discuss upcoming congressional action on the budget as well as the President’s influence in Congress.