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Kristin Nicholson | December 3, 2020

Dear Friends,

Welcome back from Thanksgiving and to the end of the lame duck.  As usual, Congress has a daunting to-do list and a dwindling number of days in which to do it.

Of utmost urgency is government funding, which expires on December 11. House and Senate leaders are pressing for an omnibus bill for the remainder of FY21. However, a further continuing resolution could prove necessary, especially as debates over additional pandemic assistance have become entwined with the spending package. The desire to get members home safely and quickly before the holidays has only intensified the time crunch.

Also looming is final passage of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act, which could see its 59-year streak imperiled this year. President Trump has long promised a veto over language requiring the military to change base names honoring Confederate soldiers. This week, he also threatened a veto unless the NDAA includes a repeal of legal immunity for social media companies. Congress is nonetheless moving forward, with the Senate voting to formally go to conference, and the House expected to vote on the conference report next week.

In this month’s newsletter, Senior Fellow Josh Huder offers his insights (and dare I say a little hope?) about what we might expect from the 117th Congress and its slim majorities in both chambers. And if you want much more on how things are shaping up on the Hill, please join us for our virtual New Congress class on January 27 or February 17. We also love bringing tailored versions of this class to individual agencies and offices, so get in touch if we can create one for you.

From all of us at GAI, our warmest wishes for a safe and joyful holiday season. We’ll see you in 2021.


Kristin Nicholson is the Director of the Government Affairs Institute

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