The New Congress

The New Congress is a one-day course conducted following the biennial congressional elections.

This course is not intended to be an instant analysis of election results, but rather an examination of the implications of election outcomes with regard to congressional organization and leadership, the legislative agenda, and prospects for key legislative-executive branch issues.

Specific topics may include:

  • What happened and why: the political dynamics resulting from the election and their implications for the upcoming legislative agenda
  • Changes in the membership, leadership, and committee make-up of the new Congress
  • Defense versus domestic priorities
  • An examination of key legislative-executive branch issues
  • The outlook for budget politics and spending

Meets Executive Core Qualifications 1 and 5.

The New Congress is our most popular short course, and is normally conducted between January and May every other year, following the congressional elections. It can also be arranged as a full- or half-day tailored course and conducted on-site at an organization.

Please contact Kristin Nicholson at (202) 333-4838 or to discuss tailoring The New Congress for your organization.

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