Immigration in the House

GAI | June 15, 2018

Matt, Mark, and Josh discuss immigration in the House.

Congressional Staff with Casey Burgat

Josh Huder | May 24, 2018

Special Guest Casey Burgat of the R Street Institute joins Josh, Laura, and Matt to talk about congressional staff.

House Leadership, Floor Votes, and the House Chaplain With Matt Fuller

GAI | May 11, 2018

Special Guest Matt Fuller joins Matt, Mark, and Josh to talk about the future congressional leaders, the House Chaplain controversy, and reading lips from the House gallery.

Budget Reform: Diagnosing the Problem

Laura Blessing | May 3, 2018

The federal budget process is broken.  There are few things that political actors across the spectrum agree on; the deep dysfunctionality of congressional budgeting is one.  This topic has received considerable attention in recent years, most recently via a joint select committee created to seek reforms.  The  need for such an investigation

How Dr. Ronny Jackson got Nuked.

Mark Harkins | April 30, 2018

Now that erstwhile Secretary of Veterans Affairs nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson has lost his job as the President’s personal physician, he should blame former Sen. Harry Reid for his troubles. On November 21, 2013, in the face of sustained Republican opposition to confirming President Obama’s nominees and judges, the Senate took the extraordinary step of

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins on the Facebook Hearings

GAI | April 11, 2018

GAI Senior Fellow Mark Harkins was interviewed recently by Politico and the Globe and Mail for stories on the Facebook congressional hearings.  The Politico story is here and The Globe and Mail here.  

National Security Confirmations: Politics Beyond the Water’s Edge

Katina Slavkova | April 4, 2018

March 2018 marked a curious milestone for national security that may portend some unexpected clashes ahead for President Trump and congressional overseers.  New personnel selections have dredged up divisive political memories; while the choice of Mr. Bolton (for National Security Advisor) may draw more commentary, Gina Haspel (for CIA Director) will draw the oversight that

Director’s Desk

GAI | April 4, 2018

Hello Friends , I would wish you a happy spring, but looking at the forecast I think it’s best to just stay quiet for now. Whatever the weather, Congress will return on Tuesday after a two-week recess that gave members lots of opportunities to hear from constituents and take the pulse of their districts, for

The Omnibus and the Trump White House

GAI | March 23, 2018

Special Guest Alexis Simendinger joins Matt, Mark, and Laura to talk about the recently-passed omnibus and the state of the Trump White House.

Congress in 2018: What’s left?

Josh Huder | March 5, 2018

Last month Congress struck a two-year deal that greases the budget wheels to the tune of an extra $320 billion. While political posturing and two brief government shutdowns hampered bipartisan negotiations, congressional leaders in the House and Senate ultimately settled on a budget that outlines discretionary spending, lifts the Budget Control Act’s(aka sequestration) caps

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