The New Congress with Sarah Binder

GAI | December 7, 2018

Matt, Laura, Josh, and special guest Sarah Binder discuss expectations for the 116th Congress, the Speakership race, freshmen members of the House, and Sarah’s recent book, The Myth of Independence: How Congress Governs the Federal Reserve.

The Aftermath

Laura Blessing | December 6, 2018

Another election cycle has washed over our nation’s capital.  As outgoing members clear out their desks and incoming members eye their new offices, Congress gets ready for the next phase.  It’s time to adjust to the aftermath of the election results, their ongoing appropriations work, other lame duck session policy attempts, a budget process

Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | December 6, 2018

Dear Friends, Greetings from post-midterms Washington. A lot has changed since we last caught up! This month Senior Fellow Laura Blessing walks us through a quick election recap, some expectations for the remainder of the lame-duck session, and a few thoughts on what lies beyond. Also be sure to check out our blog, where

Can Pelosi flip enough votes? Probably not without conceding her job.

Josh Huder | November 28, 2018

The attempted Pelosi ouster is crumbling. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) heads into today’s Democratic Caucus leadership elections unopposed in the race for Speaker. However, her quest for the gavel isn’t over. Pelosi needs a majority of those “voting for speaker by name” to prevail when the full House votes in January. Winning

Political Implications of the Speaker-election Procedure in the House

Matt Glassman | November 16, 2018

In the wake of the federal elections last week, all eyes immediately turned toward the Democratic Party and the impending transfer of power in the House of Representatives. While many observers are looking forward to January and analyzing what is likely to happen in DC with a Democratic House, many of

Election fallout with Jonathan Bernstein

GAI | November 16, 2018

Matt, Mark, Josh, and special guest Jonathan Bernstein discuss the results of the election, the brewing Speakership intrigue in the Democratic party, the lame duck session, and some prospects for the 116th Congress.

Midterm Election Preview

GAI | November 1, 2018

Matt, Laura, and Josh discuss the upcoming congressional elections.

November is a time of change (to your budgets)

Josh Huder | November 1, 2018

November is a beautiful month of transition. The air is cooler. The leaves are turning.  And because it’s an even-numbered year, the change is particularly jarring on Capitol Hill. Appropriators are wrapping up their business while Americans are electing a new Congress. The confluence of elections and appropriations in November is fitting because the election

Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | November 1, 2018

Dear Friends, With less than a week to go before the midterm elections, Congress is on an extended recess and attention has shifted to a slew of consequential match-ups that will determine the political landscape not only in Congress, but in state houses across the country. We are, of course, watching it all with intense

Five Cheers for the FY19 Appropriations Process

Matt Glassman | October 1, 2018

The 2019 federal fiscal year begins Monday, October 1st. To the surprise of many, the FY2019 appropriations process in Congress resulted in on-time passage of several of the annual appropriations bills. On September 21, President Trump signed the FY2019 Consolidated Appropriations Act, which contained the annual appropriations for three of the traditional twelve

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