The 114th Congress – At a Glance

Susan Sullivan Lagon | December 16, 2014

The 114th Congress — At a Glance


HOUSE                                 SENATE

247         Republicans              54

188          Democrats               46

58          Freshmen                 13

84            Women                  20

45         African Am.               2

29             Latino                     3

81       Military Service         16

                     OUT                                                               IN


Reid threatening weekend sessions                           McConnell threatening longer workweeks


Shielding vulnerable senators from votes                  Actually voting on legislation in the Senate


Senior Senators Levin, Harkin, Rockefeller             Senators Cotton & Daines, elected after serving just one term in the House


Approving Obama’s nominees                                     Blocking Obama’s nominees


Republicans decrying cloture changes                       Republicans yawning about cloture changes


Democrats defending the ACA                                      Democrats questioning the ACA


Ted Cruz filibustering in the minority                          Ted Cruz filibustering in the majority


Tea-party headaches for House leaders                     Tea-party headaches for Senate leaders


Boehner’s Speakership on shaky ground                   Boehner enjoying a bigger majority


Dozens of attempts to repeal Obamacare                  A couple of votes to repeal Obamacare


Stricter EPA regulations                                                  Keystone XL pipeline


Debt ceiling crisis                                                             Debt ceiling drama


#thanksmichelleobama                                                   Saltier school lunches


Reindeer rancher/Santa Claus actor                           First female combat pilot


Shutting down the government                                  Reining in the government


Blaming the other chamber                                        Cajoling the other chamber


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