Pelosi’s Role in the Syria Vote

The Hill’s Mike Lillis writes that although House Democratic leadership will not whip a use-of-force resolution, Nancy Pelosi is making a case for U.S. intervention in Syria — both as a humanitarian response and a deterrent for similar attacks in the future.

“It’s hardly the first time Pelosi has faced the task of uniting a reluctant caucus behind a tough vote, having shepherded both climate change legislation in 2009 and healthcare reform in 2010 through the House by the slimmest of margins.”

A number of liberal House Democrats have voiced strong reservations against U.S. involvement, citing their vocal war weary constituents who fear yet another Middle Eastern conflict. Speaker Boehner, for his part, endorsed the president’s plan and called on other Republicans to support it, but has stated that he will not go out of his way to secure votes.