Interview on Compromise Budget Bill

In a rare moment of cooperation, Congress looks ready to pass a bipartisan budget bill that will ease sequester cuts and keep the government running for the next two years.

Orchestrated by Democratic senator Patty Murray and Republican representative Paul Ryan, the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $20 billion. It passed the House with relative ease last week, then cleared a filibuster hurdle in the Senate, paving the way for a simple majority vote.

Chuck Cushman considers the bill a compromise because both Republicans and Democrats had to give up something:

“Republicans compromised because a significant bunch of their members in the House really wanted to see the sequester numbers, which were very deep budget cuts. They wanted to see them happen again for the next two years. So they backed off a little bit on that. It will still end up being a budget cut from what the president had wanted, but the Republicans did not get the full cut they wanted to see. On the House side, they had to give up on the much higher numbers that they had originally wanted to go with. They wanted to spend $1.2 trillion and they’re not going to get to spend more than just over $1 trillion. So we’re still talking about pretty enormous numbers.”

Listen to the full interview here