GAI Director Ken Gold on Federal News Radio: An Update on the 114th Congress

GAI | February 9, 2016

Yesterday Federal News Radio hosted GAI Director Ken Gold to participate in an hour-long discussion about important issues before the 114th Congress.

With Republicans holding majorities in both the House and Senate and a Democrat in the White House, the 1st Session of the 114th Congress was considerably more productive than expected.  After Congress failed to pass a single FY16 Appropriations bill, and again resorted to a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government, a mid-December shutdown appeared likely. Yet a series of events, including the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner, led to a bipartisan omnibus spending bill that sets discretionary levels for two years, as well as a major tax bill at year’s end.

What does it mean?  Will the 2nd Session be as productive as the 1st? What’s going on with the debt and deficits?  What are the prospects for federal spending in the departments and agencies?   What impact will the presidential election have on the 114th Congress? You can listen to the entire one-hour show here.

Here are some of the critical questions that were discussed during the program:

  • What are the prospects for an FY17 Budget Resolution?
  • Will Congress pass spending bills this year?
  • What happened to the sequester?
  • Will there be tax and entitlement reform?

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