GAI Announces 2014 Course Calendar

The Government Affairs Institute has posted new dates for our courses through 2014.  All dates are listed on individual course pages and on the GAI course calendar.  We accept your registrations via our online system; questions about the registration process are answered on our FAQ page. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.



Courses that help participants better understand how congressional actions affect the daily operations of every department and agency in the executive branch.

Congressional Operations Seminar
Seminar for Executives on Legislative Operations
Navy Capitol Hill Workshop
Congress and the Intelligence Community
Congressional Briefing for Presidential Management Fellows
Marine Corps Capitol Hill Workshop
Congressional Briefing for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Courses that provide an in-depth understanding of the federal budget and appropriations process, the legislative process, and branch relations, designed for individuals who have a good working knowledge of the basics of Congress and the legislative process.

Advanced Budget and Appropriations Process
Advanced Legislative Process
Executive – Legislative Branch Relations


Gain hands-on experience in a specific aspect of working with Congress: such as working with committees and congressional staff, preparing and delivering testimony, and writing budget justifications.

Congressional Justifications Workshop
Preparing and Delivering Congressional Testimony
Working and Communicating More Effectively with Congress


Research seminars are a primary component of the GAI Certificate Program. The Seminars meet approximately four times for two hours at GAI’s Georgetown office, over the course of twelve weeks.

The Evolution of the Contemporary Congress
Congress and National Security Policy
The Congressional Electoral Process
Congress and Health Care Policy
Committees and Parties in Congress
Congressional Power and Presidential Authority
Interest Groups, Lobbying, and Advocacy
Campaign Finance and the U.S Congress
Congress and Intelligence Policy