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Kristin Nicholson | March 2, 2022

Dear Friends:

As last night’s State of the Union made clear, there are some events and issues that can still bring Congress together, and plenty more that continue to drive them apart. With Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine dominating the world’s attention, Congress has been largely united on the need for security and humanitarian support for Ukraine and its people, as well as stiff sanctions on Putin and Russia. On the domestic front, however, stark divisions persist on everything from Covid and the economy to immigration and nominations.

This month will bring confirmation hearings on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden’s nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Before that, we may finally be on track to pass omnibus appropriations legislation for FY2022, the fiscal year which began five months ago. For much more on where we are funding-wise, how we got here, and what it means for government, be sure to read on for Senior Fellow Matt Glassman’s contribution to this month’s newsletter. And if fiscal issues peak your interest, don’t miss Senior Fellow Laura Blessing’s recent testimony to the House Budget Committee on the debt ceiling, which you can read or watch here.

Finally, if you watched the President’s address last night, you may also have noticed very few people wearing masks on the House floor. This week saw the loosening of a number of pandemic protocols, and may signal the beginning of a more full-fledged reopening of the Capitol campus. We will be keeping a close eye on these developments and are eager for the opportunity to return to our favorite place to teach about Congress: Congress itself! Meanwhile, we’ll keep bringing great classes to you virtually, or get in touch if you’d like to host us in person.

All the best,


Kristin Nicholson is the Director of the Government Affairs Institute

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