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Kristin Nicholson | March 2, 2021

Dear Friends,

March is coming in like a lion on the Hill, where a ferocious legislative schedule kicked off yesterday. Action on the latest pandemic-relief package moves to the Senate, following House passage over the weekend. Although the minimum-wage hike will definitely be removed, it remains to be seen how many other changes will be made before the bill is sent back to the House for final approval, likely next week.

In the meantime, House Democrats will turn to consideration of H.R. 1, their high-priority election reform measure, as well as a police reform bill originally passed last year in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The Senate continues to work through President Biden’s cabinet nominations, with Miguel Cardona confirmed as Education Secretary yesterday, and votes expected soon on Merrick Garland for Attorney General and Gina Raimondo for Commerce. The nominees for HUD, Labor and EPA are yet to be scheduled. And still to come in the House this month are likely votes on guns, unions, and possibly immigration as well.

In this month’s newsletter, I take a deeper look at the importance of constituent service, whether in response to disasters and emergencies, or simply in the form of everyday casework that connects members to their districts. We also have recent podcast episodes for you to check out, and of course a full calendar of online classes. As always, let us know if you’re not finding what you need, and we’ll try to make it happen.

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Kristin Nicholson is the Director of the Government Affairs Institute

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