Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | October 1, 2018

Dear Friends,

They did it! Congress entered the new fiscal year in an astonishingly drama-free manner, and they even managed to pass five of the twelve FY2019 appropriations bills along the way. There’s a Continuing Resolution in place for the remaining seven until December 7, so needless to say a great deal of work remains. But for the moment, a lot of people can breathe a little easier.

In this month’s newsletter, GAI Senior Fellow Matt Glassman offers his thoughts on what’s behind the relative success of this year’s appropriations process. And don’t miss the latest edition of GAI’s podcast, where CQ/Roll Call budget reporter Jennifer Shutt joins our crew to discuss appropriations and much more.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been meaning to check out one of GAI’s advanced courses or workshops, we’ve got a full slate of them running during the month of October. Get more information on our website, and contact us any time with questions. Happy fall, and we’ll see you soon.


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