Director’s Desk

Kristin Nicholson | September 5, 2018

Dear Friends,
September has arrived, and with it a whirlwind of activity on Capitol Hill. Both chambers are back in session, facing a dwindling number of legislative days to clear a multitude of spending hurdles and avoid a shutdown at the end of the month. The most likely outcome appears to be a Continuing Resolution funding most, if not all, federal agencies until sometime in December. Members of Congress are eager to get back home and campaign, and loathe to take on controversial funding fights right before an election. But they can rest assured those tough decisions will be waiting for them when they return to the lame duck session.
Meanwhile, this week’s marquee action is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, faces questions from Senators as formal confirmation proceedings get underway. This month’s newsletter features an article by GAI Nonresident Senior Fellow Sue Lagon, who describes the stakes and the likely outcome of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.
We’ve got a full calendar of great classes over the next couple of months, so we hope to see you soon.

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