Director’s Desk

Dear Friends,

It’s November, and that means a mad rush is underway in Congress to notch some legislative accomplishments before members head home for the holidays (if they’re lucky). House Republicans finally introduced their tax proposal last week, but the steep climb toward passage is only beginning. Multiple fiscal deadlines loom in the coming weeks, and they won’t be easily met. We’ll be following all of this closely and keeping you updated in our classes, on the blog and on Twitter.

This month, I wanted to take a closer at a topic that’s received a great deal of long-overdue attention recently: sexual harassment and assault. Below are some of my thoughts on this issue as it relates to Capitol Hill and why addressing it there presents unique challenges. I’m also excited to announce a brand new GAI podcast, where GAI faculty and various guests will break down the latest in Congress, diving into procedural issues, member motivations, leadership challenges and much more. Check out the first episode, featuring Senior Fellows Matt Glassman, Mark Harkins, and Josh Huder.

Finally, many of you know Tim Alberta as a frequent guest speaker on GAI programs. If you haven’t already, be sure to spend some time with his latest masterpiece for Politico Magazine, John Boehner Unchained.