Director’s Desk

Dear Friends:

Fall is here, and attention on Capitol Hill has shifted decisively towards tax… reform? cuts? Time will tell. In the meantime, GAI Senior Fellow Laura Blessing takes to the newsletter this month to explain what changing the tax code involves, what makes this effort different from those that came before, and why it’s so darn hard. As Laura warns, don’t believe anyone who tells you this will be easy.

The GAI faculty loves helping people make sense of Congress. Many of you have experienced this first-hand in our classes, and of course we try to keep you in the loop with this newsletter. But if you’re hungry for more, we’ve got you covered. Senior Fellow Josh Huder publishes his Rule 22 Blog at, and it’s a great resource for understanding legislative process, the political environment, and the complex world of federal budgets. Matt Glassman, our newest Senior Fellow, crafts a weekly newsletter chock full of his insights and analysis on politics, political science… and the occasional controversial rock music take. Sign up here.

We’ll keep you posted on more GAI projects to come, and we hope to see you in the classroom this fall.