Advanced Legislative Process

(2 Days)

This course is designed to assist participants in identifying, analyzing, and tracking legislation at the various stages in the legislative process.

It provides an in-depth, detailed understanding of legislative procedure and strategy for individuals who already have a good working knowledge of the basics of Congress and the legislative process.

This two-day course will help participants better understand:

  • Why and how legislation is introduced
  • Types of legislation, including authorizing and appropriating legislation
  • Legislative drafting and the bill referral process
  • House floor procedures, including scheduling, the role of the leadership, debate, the amending process, and voting
  • Committee hearings, markups, and reports
  • The role of the Rules Committee in the House
  • Senate floor procedures, including scheduling, the role of leadership, debate, unanimous consent, and the amending process
  • Reconciling House-Senate differences
  • Resources for tracking legislation

Target Audience:

Individuals who have a need for a more detailed knowledge of legislative processes, including drafting, the bill referral process, House and Senate committee practices and floor procedures.

Participants should have a firm grasp of contemporary congressional organization and procedures before enrolling in this course. For those who do not, we highly recommend taking one of the Government Affairs Institute’s core courses before taking this course.

Meets Executive Core Qualifications 1 and 5.



March 14 – 15, 2018

June 25 – 26, 2018



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