Newsletter: February 20, 2013

Volume | Issue 43
Update on the Sequester and Its Potential Impact

By Ken Gold, Director

With nine days to go, hope of averting the March 1 sequester continues to fade, with each side drawing a line in the sand, and little reason to believe that their differences can be breached any time soon. Last week the President again went on record demanding that any agreement to delay or cancel the sequester needed to be “fair”, that it contain a mix of spending reductions and increases in revenue. Republicans held to their position that they won’t consider any further increases in revenue.


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The New Congress

February 21, 2013

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Congress and the Intelligence Community

May 13 – 16, 2013

The purpose of Congress and the Intelligence Community is to provide a first-hand understanding not only of congressional process and procedure, but also the “culture” that is the United States Congress. Over the four days, participants will hear from- and be afforded the opportunity to ask questions of- Members of Congress, congressional staff, academic observers, interest groups representatives, and news media representatives. Special attention will be paid to how Congress interacts with the intelligence community. Each four-day course is conducted entirely on Capitol Hill.


Director’s Desk

With two potential budget showdowns on the horizon – the sequester and the expiration of the Continuing Resolution (CR); and a third down the road – the next expiration of the debt ceiling – Democrats and Republicans appear to be headed for a confrontation over the sequester.  Both sides are positioning so as to avoid taking the blame for the automatic spending cuts that are scheduled to begin 1 March. And while there’s considerable uncertainty regarding the immediate impact of the cuts, there’s no question that budget planning in the federal departments and agencies has already been the victim.
-Ken Gold



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