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Revise and Extend is a blog dedicated to providing practical and academic perspectives on congressional policy, politics, and procedure. Managed by the faculty and staff at the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, and in line with our organization’s mission, we hope this blog is an important source of information for individuals wanting to know more about congressional operations, member behavior, and, more broadly, American politics.

GAI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, conducting courses on Capitol Hill since 1965. For thirty years, GAI was part of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. In 1995 GAI was privatized by the federal government, and in 1997 it became affiliated with Georgetown University and the McCourt School of Public Policy. GAI’s mission is to provide education and training about congressional processes, organization, and practices, and about selected legislative policy issues.

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Moving Right Along: The Fiscal Cliff

GAI | November 8, 2012

Barely taking a breath after an election that kept Republicans in control of the House and Democrats in charge of the Senate and the White House, our political leaders immediately turned to the work at hand. Of course we’re talking about a constellation of pressing budget issues, aka, the “fiscal cliff”. Within two months we

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Five Things You Didn’t Know about the 2012 Elections

GAI | September 27, 2012

With dozens of cable, radio, web-based, and print outlets covering the campaign, obviously there’s a ton of punditry out there. Much of it, we’ve noticed, is repetitive, one-sided, or simply misinformed. GAI is hoping to add something useful to the discussion that you may not have heard or read yet. Let us know what you

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Reprogramming Funds: Understanding the Appropriators’ Perspective

Kenneth Gold | July 30, 2012

By Michelle Mrdeza, Adjunct GAI Faculty and Guest Contributor, and Kenneth Gold, GAI Director Reprogramming funds within accounts is often essential for agencies as they cope with changing circumstances affecting their programs. But getting permission is anything but a “given”. As a result, it is crucial for agency officials to understand both their agency guidance

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Parsing the Supreme Court’s Decision

Susan Sullivan Lagon | July 5, 2012

In terms of public policy, the Supreme Court’s 5:4 decision to uphold the bulk of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is an enormous victory for President Obama and the 111th Congress that enacted it. Politically, it may be a wash—for Obama and Democrats, it’s a relief to have the High Court’s seal

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