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Revise and Extend is a blog dedicated to providing practical and academic perspectives on congressional policy, politics, and procedure. Managed by the faculty and staff at the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, and in line with our organization’s mission, we hope this blog is an important source of information for individuals wanting to know more about congressional operations, member behavior, and, more broadly, American politics.

GAI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, conducting courses on Capitol Hill since 1965. For thirty years, GAI was part of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. In 1995 GAI was privatized by the federal government, and in 1997 it became affiliated with Georgetown University and the McCourt School of Public Policy. GAI’s mission is to provide education and training about congressional processes, organization, and practices, and about selected legislative policy issues.

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Filibuster Rules Changes Epitomize the Senate

Susan Sullivan Lagon | February 6, 2013

The more things change… The Senate has spoken—at length—and the result is…not much. This sentence could characterize the 112th Congress as well as the changes agreed to in Senate Resolution 16, the first roll call of the 113th (86 yeas, 9 nays). After months of the majority’s frustration with constant filibuster threats, impassioned pleas for

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Debt Ceiling Extension Likely to Pass; No Federal Pay Freeze

Kenneth Gold | January 23, 2013

Later today the House will vote on a plan to effectively lift the debt limit for four months, removing, or at least postponing, the threat of default. The bill, HR 325, temporarily extends the debt limit without seeking any concessions on spending, and allows Republicans a way to avoid having to actually cast a vote

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The Assault Weapons Ban: Lessons about Congress

GAI | January 16, 2013

In the wake of the tragic massacre in Newtown, President Obama set forth a list of proposed gun control measures including a new assault weapons ban. An earlier ban expired in 2004. Regardless of how you feel about the proposal or how effective the previous ban was, its 2004 expiration illustrates four features of the

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Media Giants Big Donors To Rep. Markey

GAI | January 9, 2013

Senior Fellow Marian Currinder spoke with the Boston Globe regarding Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), a leading contender to replace Sen. John Kerry. “Even if Markey is seen as hostile to corporate interests, the industry wants lawmakers like him to consider their viewpoints.” “You’re not counting on Markey — if you’re a big industry group —

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