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Revise and Extend is a blog dedicated to providing practical and academic perspectives on congressional policy, politics, and procedure. Managed by the faculty and staff at the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, and in line with our organization’s mission, we hope this blog is an important source of information for individuals wanting to know more about congressional operations, member behavior, and, more broadly, American politics.

GAI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, conducting courses on Capitol Hill since 1965. For thirty years, GAI was part of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. In 1995 GAI was privatized by the federal government, and in 1997 it became affiliated with Georgetown University and the McCourt School of Public Policy. GAI’s mission is to provide education and training about congressional processes, organization, and practices, and about selected legislative policy issues.

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Prospects for a Government Shutdown

Kenneth Gold | January 8, 2013

With the first fiscal cliff deadline now behind them, congressional leaders and the White House have already begun to position on the next series of fiscal showdowns, which include the expiring debt ceiling, that has reportedly already been breached, although the Treasury Department can creatively manage until mid- to late February; the postponed sequester, downsized

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What the Fiscal Cliff Agreement Means for FY2012 Spending

Kenneth Gold | January 3, 2013

Under the fiscal cliff agreement, the sequester has been postponed for two months, to March 2. The agreement also reduces the size of the sequester, from $109 billion to $85 billion, which will be squeezed into seven months, rather than nine. Provided there are no changes prior to March 2, discretionary spending will still need

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No Federal Pay Freeze in Fiscal Cliff Agreement, However…

Kenneth Gold | January 2, 2013

Legislation passed by the House and Senate yesterday to avoid the fiscal cliff, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, postpones the sequester for two months, but does not contain a provision to extend the pay freeze on federal personnel. The only provision regarding federal pay prevents a cost of living adjustment to Members of

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On Warren Rudman

GAI | November 20, 2012

You may have noticed the death of former Senator Warren Rudman, Republican of New Hampshire. Some obituaries refer to Rudman as one of the quintessential moderate Republicans of an earlier era, a “breed” that barely exists anymore. This take on Rudman’s career is not really accurate–the truth about where he stood on the ideological

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