Preparing and Delivering Congressional Testimony

(2 days)

Federal officials must, on occasion, provide testimony before congressional committees. In order to be most effective in representing agency programs, testimony needs to be prepared and delivered with a clear understanding of the complexities of the congressional hearing process.

This workshop is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of congressional hearings, and to equip individuals to prepare and/or deliver testimony.

It is designed for those who may prepare or assist in preparing testimony, as well as for those who may be asked to deliver testimony before Congress.

This two-day course includes:

  • A detailed explanation of all types of congressional hearings
  • A workshop on preparing congressional testimony
  • A workshop on delivering congressional testimony
  • Hands-on experience in testifying before a simulated hearing on Capitol Hill
  • Review and analysis of individual testimony on videotape

Current and former committee staff will be invited to offer their views of the hearing process, the types and purposes of hearings, and to explain what to expect from hearings.

Experts in preparing and delivering testimony will conduct workshops on how to write and present testimony most effectively in different settings.

Preparing and Delivering Congressional Testimony culminates with a very realistic simulated hearing, held in an actual committee hearing room on Capitol Hill, and often chaired by a former Member of Congress. The simulation is professionally videotaped and reviewed with participants.

Target Audience:

Individuals who prepare or assist in the preparation of congressional testimony, those who may be asked to deliver testimony before Congress, as well as others who may have a need for a detailed understanding of the congressional committee hearing process.

Meets Executive Core Qualification 5.



June 7 – 8, 2018



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