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Update on GAI programming

For the safety of our participants and staff, we have cancelled all previously scheduled programming through May 8. If you were registered for one of our open-enrollment classes during this time, you should have heard from us with further instructions. If you have not been contacted, or if you have additional questions, please email

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Navy Capitol Hill Workshop

The purpose of the Navy Capitol Hill Workshop is to provide a first-hand understanding not only of congressional process and procedure, but also the “culture” that is the United States Congress. Over the four days, participants will hear from – and be afforded the opportunity to ask questions of – Members of Congress, congressional staff,

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June 1 - 4, 2020

Advanced Budget and Appropriations Process

(2 Days) The formulation and enactment of the annual federal budget is a highly complex process that has evolved over time and involves thousands of individuals in both the executive and legislative branches. Both the House and the Senate must vote on the annual Budget Resolution, as well as on the annual appropriations measures. But

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June 23 - 24, 2020

Advanced Legislative Process

(2 Days) This course is designed to assist participants in identifying, analyzing, and following legislation at the various stages in the legislative process. It provides an in-depth, detailed understanding of legislative procedure and strategy for individuals who already have a good working knowledge of the basics of Congress and the legislative process. This two-day course will

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June 25 - 26, 2020

Congressional Justifications Workshop

(2 days) In the current era of tight discretionary budgets across the federal government for nearly all departments and agencies, it is crucial that agency personnel understand how congressional funding decisions are made affecting their programs. The unique component of the course is a workshop that features individualized instruction in which participants receive intensive, hands-on

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July 8 - 9, 2020

Congressional Operations Seminar

This core course provides a comprehensive look at congressional processes and organization, and at how Congress affects the daily operations of every department and agency in the executive branch. The Congressional Operations Seminar, which we have been conducting for more than 40 years, is the first course most participants take with GAI. Like most Government Affairs

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June 8 - 11, 2020

Congressional Briefing for Presidential Management Fellows

This course presents an overview of congressional operations and provides Presidential Management Fellows with a better understanding of how the legislative branch functions-essential knowledge for any federal official who aspires to a leadership position in his or her agency. During the five days, participants will be provided with a comprehensive look at how Congress is

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July 27-31, 2020

Congress and Intelligence Policy

Through much of our country’s history, Congress was largely deferential to the executive branch in the conduct of intelligence policy, and hesitant to conduct meaningful oversight of intelligence operations. That all changed in the 1970s with the Church Committee hearings in the Senate and the Pike Committee hearings in the House, and the establishment of

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September 30, 2020

The Evolution of the Contemporary Congress

This course traces and examines the evolution of Congress from its constitutional foundation through the present day. The analysis focuses on how the institutions of Congress have changed in response to changing political, societal, and economic circumstances. Special attention is given to the major reform movements that Congress has undergone, as well as those areas

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Congressional Power and Presidential Authority

From the beginning of the republic to the present day presidents and congressional leaders have contended over which branch really is in charge. Relations between the branches are frequently tense, and no period of American history has been without its conflicts between the branches. This course examines the nature of the relationship from its constitutional

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April 29, 2020 (first class meeting)***WAIT LIST ONLY***

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Congressional Power and Presidential Authority

Congressional Power and Presidential Authority
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