Federal Budget and Appropriations

Cushman on Military Budgets FY15

GAI | March 6, 2014

Dr. Charles Cushman spoke with Lauren Murphy from The Voice of Russia yesterday. He fielded questions about the nearly $80 billion Pentagon budget proposed for FY2015, and how Congress is likely to respond. Dr. Cushman called the $80 billion a place holder, since negotiations are still

Is Obama’s budget DOA?

In yesterday’s Washington Post, Lori Montgomery did an excellent job laying out why Obama’s budget matters less this year than most.  But don’t let that fool you; it still matters, and matters a ton. First, Congress has fewer than 150 staff in the House and Senate combined who review the president’s budget and put

Director’s Desk: February 12, 2014

Kenneth Gold | February 12, 2014

Congress has avoided going over yet another fiscal cliff, with the House passing a “clean” debt limit bill yesterday, and Senate passage expected later today.  This will mark the fourth major piece of bipartisan legislation passed since last October’s 16-day government shutdown that includes the two-year Ryan-Murray budget agreement, the FY14 omnibus appropriations bill, and

Last One Out…

This week has been a big one for congressional retirements (Coburn, McCarthy, McKeon, McIntyre, Moran, Owens).  Many we have heard about, including half a dozen Members, for various reasons but at least one columnist has speculated that it is the working conditions.  Other departures have been more quiet as three senior House Appropriations Committee staffers

The Budget and Appropriations Process In 2014

This is one of a series of posts from the Congressional Update This talk took a look at the fiscal situation in the US as it concerns Congress, budgeting, and legislation. For context, take a look at this slide from the Concord Coalition, which looks at expenditures in terms of discretionary spending, mandatory spending,

The Good News is Congress Just Agreed…

Just this afternoon, the Washington Post ran a story on their web site titled “Senate Moves to Extend Jobless Benefits.”  Most readers would surmise that the chamber had in fact voted to extend the emergency legislation that provided unemployment benefits beyond the traditional 26 weeks to the 1.3 million Americans whose payments were cut off

Interview on Compromise Budget Bill

In a rare moment of cooperation, Congress looks ready to pass a bipartisan budget bill that will ease sequester cuts and keep the government running for the next two years. Orchestrated by Democratic senator Patty Murray and Republican representative Paul Ryan, the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $20 billion. It passed the House

Op-Ed: No Good Options For Speaker

By Marian Currinder and Joshua Huder The federal government has shut down for the first time since 1996 and all eyes are focused on House Speaker John Boehner. Will he continue to insist upon tying a repeal or delay of Obamacare to a funding bill? Or will

Funding the Government, Defunding Obamacare, & Innovative Procedure

As Congress steps closer to the various fiscal cliffs over the next week, the pressing question for Republican leadership is how to defund Obamacare. Several Republicans have indicated they will not support any continuing resolution not tied to the defunding the ACA. The law goes into effect on October 1st and many see this as

Defense Cuts are on the Way, Part 1: $100 billion, $300 billion, or $500 billion?

The question for defense spending is not whether it’s going to decrease over the next five years; rather it’s how far and how fast.  The good news for defense is that it’s unlikely to shrink as much as it did following the end of the Korean War (down 43%), the Vietnam War (33%), or the Cold

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