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Speakers and Special Rules with Tony Madonna

Mark and Josh talk with Professor Tony Madonna about Kevin McCarthy’s unusual speakership, among other things. Tony is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Georgia and author of numerous studies of House and Senate procedure.  

Post-Dobbs Politics in Congress with Michele Swers

Laura and Josh talk with Georgetown Professor Michele Swers about abortion politics after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision and a bit of Nancy Pelosi’s speakership.

Congress, Two Beers In | Rules, Budgets, Funding, and Stuff

Mark, Matt, and Josh discuss special rules, leaders’ power, budgets, funding, McCarthy, the debt ceiling, and whatever else popped into Mark’s head.  

How are the parties changing?

Senior Fellow Josh Huder sits down with political parties scholar Dave Hopkins to discuss what has changed and not changed in the Republican and Democratic parties. Dave is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Boston College and author of multiple books, including Asymmetric Politics (coauthored with Matt Grossman) and Red Fighting Blue. He is also a weekly

Hollow Promises: Speaker McCarthy and Appropriations

As Kevin McCarthy brokered with conservatives to win the speakership, he made a series of promises to significantly revamp the budget and appropriations processes. Among them were commitments to pass a budget that balances in 10 years, consider and pass each appropriations bill individually (rather than in “minibus” or “omnibus” form), and provide members an

The January 6th Committee and Lots of Other Stuff

Josh and Matt are joined by political scientist and Bloomberg Opinion writer Jonathan Bernstein. We talk about the January 6th investigation, the committee’s presentations, American democracy, Watergate, House leadership, and several other topics that didn’t make it into this description.

What’s happening in the Senate? A lot or nothing?

Josh and Mark are joined by James Wallner, senior fellow at the R Street Institute and lecturer at Clemson University, to discuss why the Senate is doing a lot and nothing all at the same time.

Rest In Peace Congressional Budget Process

Sometime in the last ten years the congressional budget process died. The precise moment is hard to pinpoint because it is not totally – just mostly — dead. But today, only a hollow version of the process still exists. Partisan majorities pass shell budgets to trigger reconciliation in the hopes

Congress and Foreign Policy with Jason Steinbaum

Mark and Matt are joined by 30-year Hill veteran and former staff director of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Jason Steinbaum to discuss the role of Congress in foreign policy.

Supreme Court Nominations with Sue Lagon

Mark and Matt chat with Sue Lagon about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination, and also discuss the “framework” deal for FY22 appropriations.

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