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The End of the Shutdown and what’s coming in the 116th Congress

Josh, Mark, and Matt discuss the end of the shutdown, committee organization, and what’s coming in the 116th Congress.

GAI Faculty in the News

GAI Senior Fellow Mark Harkins’ take on the recent State of the Union spat between Speaker Pelosi and the President and its effect on the shutdown. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the full article here .

Shutdown, budget politics, and congressional learning curves with Molly Reynolds

Mark, Matt, Laura are joined by special guest Molly Reynolds of the Brookings Institution to discuss the shutdown, budget politics in the 116th Congress, and learning curves in Congress.

GAI Podcast: The New Congress and Shutdown Politics

In the latest episode of our podcast, GAI Senior Fellows Laura, Mark, and Josh discuss the shutdown, Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s second turn with the Speaker’s gavel, and the 116th Congress.

Leadership elections with Matt Green

Matt, Laura, Josh, and special guest Matt Green discuss leadership elections, factionalism in congressional parties, and prospects for the 116th Congress.

GAI in the News

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins tries to make sense of the Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer meeting. You can read the entire CBC News article here.

The New Congress with Sarah Binder

Matt, Laura, Josh, and special guest Sarah Binder discuss expectations for the 116th Congress, the Speakership race, freshmen members of the House, and Sarah’s recent book, The Myth of Independence: How Congress Governs the Federal Reserve.

Election fallout with Jonathan Bernstein

Matt, Mark, Josh, and special guest Jonathan Bernstein discuss the results of the election, the brewing Speakership intrigue in the Democratic party, the lame duck session, and some prospects for the 116th Congress.

Midterm Election Preview

Matt, Laura, and Josh discuss the upcoming congressional elections.

GAI Senior Fellow Mark Harkins in the News

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins was recently interviewed by CBC News on the importance of the midterm elections and their significance to the Trump Administration. You can watch the entire video here.

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