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New GAI Podcast Episode

Political scientist Emily Sydnor joins Laura to talk about incivility in politics and in Congress.

Congress is more effective and bipartisan than you think

Josh and Laura sit down with Professor Jim Curry, co-author (with Frances Lee) of the new book The Limits of Party, to discuss why congressional lawmaking has not changed much as many believe over the last 50 years.  

Election results, polls, and a post-Trump GOP

Election analyst Nathan Gonzales joins Laura and Mark to talk about how to understand the 2020 election, the polls, and where the Republican party goes after Trump and January 6th.

Pandemic Relief Bargaining with Aaron Zitner

Matt and Mark are joined by Wall Street Journal reporter Aaron Zitner to talk about the COVID relief politics in Congress and the fall elections.

Update on GAI programming

GAI is working hard to adapt to our new environment by moving some of our training online. We will be conducting online versions of our Advanced Budget and Appropriations Process and Advanced Legislative Process classes in June and an online version of our Congressional Operations Seminar in July. We hope to add more online options

GAI Senior Fellow Matt Glassman in the News

GAI Senior Fellow Matt Glassman recently wrote a piece for Washington Post‘s political science forum The Monkey Cage. His analysis offers key insights on the Senate impeachment trial thus far. You can read the entire piece here.

GAI Director in the News

GAI Director Kristin Nicholson recently shared some thoughts with the Washington Post on how Congress is handling sexual harassment and misconduct. You can read the entire article here .

Senior Fellow Josh Huder in the News

GAI Senior Fellow Josh Huder wrote a piece for the The New York Times on the just-passed House resolution to formalize the impeachment inquiry. You can read it here.

GAI Senior Fellow Matt Glassman testifies on Capitol Hill

Senior Fellow Matt Glassman testified recently on congressional mailing operations at the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.  You can view the hearing proceedings here .

Director’s Desk

Dear Friends: Congress is taking a breather this week, and hopefully you will have a chance to do the same. When the action picks back up next week, look for the House to take up the FY2020 National Defense Authorization Act (the Senate passed its version in June). We might also see continued work

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