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New Podcast Episode: 2023 Year in Review & What’s to Come in 2024

Congress and appropriations reporter Jenn Shutt joins Laura to wrap up the year: appropriations, international supplemental funding, NDAA and what’s unprecedented, unusual -and usual- about this year. Shutt notes that the House has been “building the rollercoaster as they’re riding it”.

The Worst Job in Washington: Kevin McCarthy and the Challenge of the Speakership

By Matthew Green, Professor, Department of Politics (The Catholic University of America) The past seven months have made it abundantly clear that the House speakership is one of the most difficult jobs in Washington. In January, for the first time in a century, the majority party’s nominee for speaker – Kevin McCarthy of California –

New podcast episode: Why Congress with Philip Wallach

Matt and Josh are joined by special guest Philip Wallach from the American Enterprise Institute to discuss his new book, Why Congress.

Debt Limit with Michael Thorning

Matt and Laura are joined by special guest Michael Thorning from the Bipartisan Policy Center, to discuss the debt limit negotiations, modernization of Congress, and the FY24 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill.

Congressman Boyle on the Debt Ceiling

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D, PA) sits down with Laura and Josh to talk about the debt ceiling.  We discuss the history of the debt ceiling, different potential reforms, and the state of play in Congress as we approach Treasury’s X date.  Congressman Boyle has sponsored legislation on the debt ceiling every Congress since 2017 and

A Conversation with Congressman David Price

Laura is joined by special guest Congressman David Price to reflect on his long career in Congress: what got him into politics, his perspective as a scholar of political science, his focus on his district, time on the appropriations committee, and thoughts on party leadership over time.

Congressional Oversight and the 118th Congress with Josh Chafetz

Laura and Matt are joined by Georgetown Law Professor Josh Chafetz to discuss congressional oversight, the importance of the type of oversight some people decry as mere “theater,” and upcoming high-profile oversight issues in the118th Congress.

New GAI Podcast Episode: 118th Congress Begins

Mark, Matt, and Josh discuss the start of the 118th Congress in the Senate and the House. Emphasis on the House Speaker’s race and the implications on for the year!

Continuing Resolutions: Continuing to Damage Defense

Guest Post by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Cabana For the national security community, the calendar year has dawned with an $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and an omnibus funding bill passed in late December. But what may have felt like a Christmas miracle to congressional staffers scurrying home belies a larger problem. The fiscal

New Podcast Episode: 117th Congress Review and 118th Predictions

The Congress: Two Beers In crew ditch beer for bourbon as they discuss what happened in the 117th Congress. They also opine on the new Republican majority in the House, whether a Speaker will be elected on January 3, and the effects of an expanded Democratic majority in the Senate.

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