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Congressional Oversight and the 118th Congress with Josh Chafetz

Laura and Matt are joined by Georgetown Law Professor Josh Chafetz to discuss congressional oversight, the importance of the type of oversight some people decry as mere “theater,” and upcoming high-profile oversight issues in the118th Congress.

New GAI Podcast Episode: 118th Congress Begins

Mark, Matt, and Josh discuss the start of the 118th Congress in the Senate and the House. Emphasis on the House Speaker’s race and the implications on for the year!

Continuing Resolutions: Continuing to Damage Defense

Guest Post by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Cabana For the national security community, the calendar year has dawned with an $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and an omnibus funding bill passed in late December. But what may have felt like a Christmas miracle to congressional staffers scurrying home belies a larger problem. The fiscal

New Podcast Episode: 117th Congress Review and 118th Predictions

The Congress: Two Beers In crew ditch beer for bourbon as they discuss what happened in the 117th Congress. They also opine on the new Republican majority in the House, whether a Speaker will be elected on January 3, and the effects of an expanded Democratic majority in the Senate.

New Congress, Two Beers In Podcast with Professor Matt Green

Gingrich Transforms the Party and Congress Professor Matt Green joins Laura and Josh to talk about his new book (with Jeff Crouch): Newt Gingrich: The Rise and Fall of a Party Entrepreneur.  Gingrich is contextualized in the ways he did -and didn’t- act as a congressional change agent.  

The Presidency: Bending Institutions to Save Them? By Professor Julia Azari

By Professor Julia Azari, Marquette University   Presidential power is a bit at odds with democracy. Presidency scholars have noted this for years, suggesting that “greatness” is often uncomfortably close to the kind of norm-busting, authoritarian action that our constitution is supposed to avoid. Presidents also face a dilemma about who they represent.

New Congress, Two Beers In w/ Marina Omar

Professor Marina Omar joins Laura for the podcast to help us make sense of Afghanistan: what she’d add to the current conversation, her fieldwork, what it was like doing interviews in Afghanistan, what larger lessons Afghanistan has for us, and how her personal experience as an Afghan woman who escaped the Taliban informs what’s going

Senior Fellow Matt Glassman on “Science of Politics” live podcast

GAI Senior Fellow Matt Glassman will participate in a live, online conversation with Niskanen Center’s Senior Fellow Matt Grossman on October 6 at 11 am via Zoom. They will discuss the status of the Biden agenda in Congress and will be taking submitted questions from attendees throughout the discussion. They will talk reconciliation, infrastructure,

New GAI Podcast Episode

Political scientist Emily Sydnor joins Laura to talk about incivility in politics and in Congress.

Congress is more effective and bipartisan than you think

Josh and Laura sit down with Professor Jim Curry, co-author (with Frances Lee) of the new book The Limits of Party, to discuss why congressional lawmaking has not changed much as many believe over the last 50 years.  

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