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GAI Senior Fellow Mark Harkins in the News

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins was recently interviewed by CBC News on the importance of the midterm elections and their significance to the Trump Administration. You can watch the entire video here.

SCOTUS and the Senate

Josh, Laura and Matt talk with Todd Ruger about SCOTUS and Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on the latest GAI podcast.

Appropriations, Intelligence, and Impeachment

Josh, Mark, and Katina discuss status of appropriations, some intelligence related matters and impeachment.

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins in the News

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins weighs in on the midterm elections and the apparent shift to more progressive economic policies by Democrats. Here is the full story.

NATO, NDAA, and Defense Politics With Connor O’Brien

Special Guest Connor O’Brien joins Matt, Mark, and Josh to talk about NATO, the NDAA, and defense politics in Congress.

Director’s Desk

Hello, friends – With summer in full swing, Congress returns this week for a quick sprint to the August break (or for Senators, some form of August work period followed by – they hope! – a nice recess until Labor Day). With President Trump’s Monday announcement of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his next Supreme Court

House Leadership, the Supreme Court, and the 2018 Election with Tim Alberta

Special Guest Tim Alberta (@TimAlberta), Chief Political Correspondent for Politico Magazine joins Matt, Mark, and Laura to discuss leadership in the House, the Supreme Court vacancy, and the 2018 election.

Immigration in the House

Matt, Mark, and Josh discuss immigration in the House.

House Leadership, Floor Votes, and the House Chaplain With Matt Fuller

Special Guest Matt Fuller joins Matt, Mark, and Josh to talk about the future congressional leaders, the House Chaplain controversy, and reading lips from the House gallery.

Director’s Desk

Friends: Welcome to our May newsletter. This month, Senior Fellow Laura Blessing has a great piece for you on the tough issues facing the Joint Select Committee on Budget Process Reform. Before we get to that, I just wanted to highlight some of the excellent classes we have coming up this spring and summer. Our

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