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Congress: The FIRST beer in. Outtakes from Episode 9

Josh, Mark, and Matt plan episode 9, tell Jim Traficant stories, and do impressions of their favorite members of Congress

Gun Control, Budget Process Reform, and Victory Sour Monkey

Josh, Mark, and Matt discuss the politics of gun control in Congress, as well as the potential for budget process reform

Budget Deal, DACA, and Blood Orange Ale with Special Guest Jennifer Shutt

 CQ Roll Call reporter Jennifer Shutt joins Matt, Mark, and Laura to discuss the budget deal, DACA, and the politics of the second session of the 115th Congress.

Shutdown Redux and Retirements from the House

It’s Groundhog Day in Congress! Josh, Matt, an Mark discuss the politics and possibilities of another shutdown, and consider the large number of retirements in the House.

Shutdown, Spending Caps, and DACA with Molly Reynolds

Josh and Matt welcome special guest Molly Reynolds of the Brookings Institute to the show and discuss the shutdown, the BCA spending caps, DACA, and what to expect in Congress in the next month. You can follow Molly on Twitter @mollyereynolds.

Senior Fellow Josh Huder published a piece in Politico

GAI Senior Fellow recently published a piece in Politico discussing what was gained and lost in last week’s weekend shutdown. You can read the entire piece here .

A budget deal? A government shutdown? Earmarks?

Josh, Laura, Mark, and Matt discuss the prospects for a government shutdown this weekend, the politics of a budget deal, the precarious position of a number of congressional leaders, and the possible return of earmarks to Congress.

Oprah, the legislative presidency, and weak parties

Political scientist Julia Azari joins Josh and Matt on GAI’s latest podcast episode to discuss Oprah as a presidential candidate,Trump as a legislative president, and the strength of American parties.

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins on The HILL AM View Podcast

GAI Senior Fellow Mark Harkins was a guest this morning on The Hill AM View Podcast. He and correspondent Alexis Simendinger discussed the value of earmarks as a legislative technique. Interesting discussion in light of recent comments by President Trump expressing enthusiasm for bringing back this congressional practice.

Spending Bill, Speaker Ryan’s Future, Nominations, and 2018

Matt and Josh discuss the CR in the House, GOP judicial nominations success, Speaker Ryan’s future, and what 2018 holds for Congress.

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