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Director’s Desk: March 7, 2013

Kenneth Gold | March 7, 2013

CR Update: Yesterday the House passed a six-month FY13 continuing resolution (CR) that maintains sequester level spending for the remainder of the fiscal year, but provides appropriations to Defense and Milcon-VA. The measure, HR 933, passed by a vote of 267-151, would extend the federal pay freeze but grants military personnel a 1.7 percent pay

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Director’s Desk: February 20, 2013

Kenneth Gold | February 20, 2013

With two potential budget showdowns on the horizon – the sequester and the expiration of the Continuing Resolution (CR); and a third down the road – the next expiration of the debt ceiling – Democrats and Republicans appear to be headed for a confrontation over the sequester. Both sides are positioning so as to avoid

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Director’s Desk: February 6, 2013

Kenneth Gold | February 6, 2013

Having barely avoided falling off the fiscal cliff on January 1, we soon found ourselves sliding down a slippery slope toward a dark and gloomy abyss. The sequester was postponed for only two months, the debt ceiling was raised, but only until May, and we continue to hurtle toward the March 27 expiration of the

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Director’s Desk: January 23, 2013

Kenneth Gold | January 23, 2013

Despite the postponement of H.R. 273 (see accompanying newsletter), some fiscal hawks are unlikely to abandon their assault on federal pay. During the last Congress Republicans proposed several bills that would have extended the federal pay freeze up to five years, as well as proposals to prohibit feds from receiving within-grade step increases. Just this

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Director’s Desk: January 16, 2013

Kenneth Gold | January 16, 2013

Even the uncertainty is uncertain.  Having managed to barely avoid tumbling over the fiscal cliff, the sky has darkened and we’re facing a perfect storm of budget crises that includes addressing the debt ceiling, sequestration part 2, and the expiration of the continuing resolution (CR).  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has ordered a civilian hiring

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