No Rest for the Weary: Senior Fellow Josh Huder in USA Today on Congress’s lame duck to-do list

GAI | October 28, 2016

Senior Fellow Josh Huder was quoted in a recent USA Today article on a potential action in the lame duck Congress. You can read the entire article here.

Senior Fellow Josh Huder in Bloomberg News

GAI | October 28, 2016

GAI Senior Fellow Josh Huder was quoted in a story on Bloomberg News on the impact the 2016 election may have on Speaker Ryan’s political ambitions. You can read the article here.

GAI Director Ken Gold quoted in Roll Call story

GAI | September 6, 2016

GAI Director Ken Gold is quoted in a recent Roll Call article that discusses the challenges that Congress will have to overcome in getting through a funding measure for the new fiscal year that starts on October 1. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan will be in an especially difficult position balancing his conference competing interests. “Even

Senior Fellow Mark Harkins on NPR News

GAI | September 1, 2016

GAI Senior Fellow Mark Harkins joined NPR News to discuss the lack of congressional approval for Zika funding. He also outlined some of the steps that the executive branch can take in the absence of the 1.9 billion emergency federal funding that the Obama Administration requested back in May of this year. “As part of

Laura Blessing’s Essay in the Miller Center’s First Year Project

GAI | August 23, 2016

GAI Senior Fellow Laura Blessing joins the discussion of the next presidential administration’s challenges via the Miller Center’s First Year Project.  In her piece she argues that the next president should build their party for good governance and accountability, by focusing on message, money, and policy. You can read the entire essay here.

Director’s Desk

Kenneth Gold | July 14, 2016

Although appropriators have been diligently working on the individual FY17 spending bills in each chamber, as of today the House has managed to pass only four of the twelve bills, and the Senate only three.  None have been sent to the president, and it remains unlikely that more than two or three of the bills

Our Kind of War

Katina Slavkova | July 14, 2016

How do we justify our military actions and what is Congress’s role? Legend has it that the late Congressman Charlie Wilson from Texas had managed to singlehandedly defeat the Soviet aggressors in Afghanistan in the 1980s by orchestrating an extraordinary covert operation that took ragged bands of fearless mujahedeen fighters to deliver a

GAI Assistant Director Worth Hester in Roll Call

GAI | July 6, 2016

A recent article in Roll Call explores a pay gap in congressional staff salaries between the House Democratic and Republican Member offices. According to the Roll Call analysis of the available data, Democratic House Members have edged their Republican counterparts “by spending more on staff by about $150 per day.” GAI Assistant Director Worth Hester says

Senior Fellow Laura Blessing in the News

GAI | June 30, 2016

A recent US News & World Report article discussed the role of the Rules Committee in structuring the legislative agenda in the House, including its role in the recent Democratic demonstrations over (the lack of) gun control legislation. You can read the entire article here.

Unusual Appropriations

Mark Harkins | May 20, 2016

The budget process created in 1974 put into place a mechanism to limit the power of appropriators and try to slow down spending growth.  By having either a Budget Resolution put a cap on discretionary spending or, when no Resolution is agreed to, having the Appropriations Committee put in place (or “deem”) a cap, the

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